Izalia Spa’s policy for purchasing treatments over the phone or online:


Typically when Izalia has large sale events, we allow clients to participate by purchasing the discounted treatment(s) over the phone or online. The single act of purchasing a treatment does not guarantee that everyone is a candidate for treatment. Here is the procedure everyone who purchases over the phone or online must follow:


1. Make the purchase online or over the phone.


2. Coordinate with the spa manger to schedule your consultation. If you purchase online, within a couple days of the sale, Izalia Spa will contact you to schedule this appointment. If you purchase over the phone, the consultation may be scheduled on that phone call.


3. Come to Izalia for your in-person consultation. If during the consultation we determine you are not a candidate (due to factors including medications, pregnancy, and other safety risks) of if during the consultation you determine you do not wish to proceed with treatment, your money will be fully refunded as long as treatments have not begun.