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The Izalia Spa Forever Guarantee

Izalia Spa offers a unique Forever Guarantee on our Laser Hair Removal treatments. If you notice dark hair in a given area where eight Qualifying Laser Treatments have been given at Izalia, we will provide complimentary continued laser treatments as long as dark hair is noticeable.*

Why is this so unique?

In some cases, total hair elimination can be achieved with five laser treatments. However, in most cases, eight or more treatments are necessary. Typically, Laser Hair Removal providers schedule treatments according to a calendar rather than according to the individual hair growth cycle of each client. This can mean that some treatments performed are not actually damaging hair follicles. At Izalia, we treat the hair only while it is in a growth cycle, maximizing your results and minimizing the number of treatments required for lasting results.

Izalia’s Forever Guarantee

By choosing Izalia Laser Hair Removal, rest assured that you will neither purchase extra treatments nor live with unwanted hair after going through eight treatments. It’s our guarantee. No overpaying for unnecessary treatments! No living with unwanted hair!

Why does hair grow back?

While laser treatments can stop all existing hair from growing back, sometimes the body produces new hair cells because of hormonal changes or other natural genetic causes. The Forever Guarantee will account for any future hair growth.

* Terms and Conditions

We expect most clients to see complete hair follicle destruction within 5-8 treatments. If you experience hair growth in an area that has received 8 Qualifying Treatments (see below), please contact us to schedule an appointment (we will not pre-schedule this appointment at the end of your previous appointment, as we do during your first 8 Qualifying Treatments). We will be happy to schedule a Forever Guarantee treatment during our weekday operating hours, as available. Forever Guarantee appointments will not be scheduled on Saturday more than one day in advance.

To qualify for Izalia’s Forever Guarantee, clients must receive 8 Qualifying Treatments from Izalia Laser Hair Removal in the given area. A Qualifying Treatment is defined as one in which the client has arrived at an appointment having seen all the hair from the prior treatment fall out, after which they have recently experienced an evenly distributed regrowth of new dark hair in that same treatment area, and has followed Appointment Guidelines (as explained in the
original consultation and provided here for review) prior to arriving for their treatment.

If a laser technician determines that a treatment does not meet the guidelines for a Qualifying Treatment (and would therefore be a less effective or ineffective treatment), they will inform the client, who can either: 1) pay a $50 cancellation fee and reschedule for a later date; or 2) receive a Non-Qualifying Treatment with the full understanding that it will not be counted toward the 8 paid Qualifying Treatments required to receive complimentary treatments through Izalia’s Forever Guarantee. In the case of option 2, the client must sign a waiver prior to receiving the Non-Qualifying Treatment, acknowledging that they are aware that the treatment they are about to receive is presumed to be less effective or ineffective based on the circumstances that make it a Non-Qualifying Treatment, and that 8 paid Qualifying Treatments, of which this is not one, are required to receive free treatments under Izalia’s Forever Guarantee. Any treatments past 8 that are necessary as a result of receiving Non-Qualifying Treatment(s) will be charged at the full price of an individual treatment, until 8 Qualifying Treatments have been paid for and provided.

Clients must be in a healthy condition to receive any treatment, including Forever Guarantee treatments.  Izalia reserves the right to refuse treatment if we deem it to be unsafe or if the client is found to be using any type of hormones, or using drugs not compatible with Laser Hair Removal treatments.

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