Forever Guarantee

Izalia Spa offers a unique forever guarantee on our laser hair removal treatments. If after eight paid laser treatments of a given area, hair reappears, Izalia will laser that area for free as many times as necessary for life.*



In some cases total hair elimination can be achieved within five treatments, however, it is more typical that eight or more are necessary. Unfortunately, because of misinformation sometimes stated by laser professionals, clients seeking total hair elimination often start out purchasing 10–15 treatments for any given area. This can become very expensive and is often unnecessary.

Alternatively, despite seeking total hair elimination, some clients settle for living with small amounts of unwanted hair after completing an expensive treatment package, rationalizing that at least it’s better than it was before.

By choosing Izalia Laser Hair Removal, rest assured that you will neither purchase extra treatments, nor live with unwanted hair after going through eight treatments. It’s our guarantee.


1. Typically spas schedule treatments according to a calendar rather than according to the individual
growth cycle of each client. This can mean that some treatments performed are not actually doing
anything to prevent future hair growth.

2. While laser treatments can stop all existing hair from growing back, sometimes down the road, the
body produces new hair cells because of hormonal changes or other natural genetic causes. The
forever guarantee will account for any future hair growth.

*As long as the client is in a healthy condition to receive treatment.