Appointment Information

Laser Hair Removal Appointment Guidelines (COVID-19 Policies Here)

For hair removal treatments to be effective, clients play an important role by arriving to appointments in compliance with Laser Hair Removal rules. Those rules, and the reasons for them, are thoroughly explained in the initial consultation and they are summarized below for your review. Please review these rules prior to arriving for each of your treatments.  

To receive Laser Hair Removal treatments, clients agree to the following:

*Arrive with a verified “honeymoon stage” followed by recently verified “adequate new hair growth” stage since the last treatment. (Treatments cannot be effective if considerable, evenly distributed new growth hasn’t yet occurred.)

* Arrive with a thorough and complete shave of the treatment area(s), leaving no hair visible above the surface of the skin. Clients are not permitted to shave at the spa.

* Arrive more than 12 hours after intense cardio or muscular exercise.

* Arrive without a tan (including spray tan) or without having any type of skin shade darker than one’s natural color.

* Arrive without sunblock or makeup on the treatment area. We kindly ask that you remove these things before arriving to the spa.

* Arrive without having engaged in other types of hair removal on the treatment area between visits, including waxing, plucking, tweezing, threading, etc.

*Arriving within compliance of all other general rules, including: abstinence from use of topical retinals or skin-damaging creams on the treatment site, no use of legally prescribed or illegal drugs without disclosing the drug info to Izalia.

Cancellation Fee Policy

As a reminder, we encourage clients to observe the treatment area 4 days prior to every scheduled appointment to verify that new hair growth has occurred since the last treatment. If evenly spaced new growth hasn’t occurred, we ask you to request an appointment change. This can occur up until 24 hours prior to your appointment time.  All appointments cancelled or rescheduled less than 24 hours before the scheduled time will incur a $50 fee. Because we are equitable to all, this is an inflexible policy and relates to the time of the cancellation, not the reason for cancellation. Any further services at Izalia, including Complimentary treatments (aka Izalia’s Forever Guarantee appointments), will not be provided until all cancellation fees are paid. We appreciate your understanding of this policy and for all your efforts to keep your appointments at Izalia Laser Spa.

Parking Information

During appointments, Izalia clients are welcome to park in the driveway on the south side of building, if a space is available, between the hours and 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Outside of these times, you can park on the street in front of the spa or in the pay lots north of the building (behind Misha’s Coffee shop) or across the street using a credit card or the ParkMobile app.

Izalia Spa shares our building with residential tenants that have graciously agreed to allow our clients to park in the driveway during the permitted times. Please take care not to block others cars while parking in the driveway and do not park there outside of permitted hours. Thank you for your consideration of this arrangement!

COVID-19 Policies

Since our beginning, Izalia Spa has practiced excellence in habits of sterilization and environmental safety. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve added requirements for our clients to practice while at the spa as well. Together, we can maintain the healthiest possible environment and work together to stop the spread of any disease.

Izalia Spa Health Policy

  • Izalia clients will only come to the spa when not sick and not exposed to someone who is sick.
  • Izalia clients will arrive wearing an adequate mask, alone (no guests) and only at their appointment time (so that the prior guest has time to leave first).
  • Immediately upon arrival, Izalia clients will be directed to wash their hands.
  • If a client sneezes or coughs without completely containing it, they will be asked to reschedule, even if “it’s allergies.” This is for the safety of the people that come after you.
  • Izalia will only provide pens to clients for sign-in which have been through a complete UV light sterilization process since their last use.
  • Izalia will only offer individually wrapped candies at reception.
  • Izalia will run Molekule air cleaners at all times in the spa.
  • Izalia will continue to sanitize exterior and interior door handles several times a day, if not between each client.
  • Izalia will continue to sanitize bathroom fixtures several times a day if not between each client.
  • Izalia will continue to completely sterilize the laser room, in its entirety after every single client. This includes a complete sterilization of the treatment table as well as the changing of table linens, the sterilization of protective eyewear, laser tips, laser hand piece, fibre optic cables, magnifying lamps, door handles, faucet handles, hangers, and all other surfaces.