Frequently Asked Questions 

About Izalia Laser Spa 2023 Black Friday Sale

Q: What if I’m not sure what service I really want, should I still buy online?
A: If you want the 50% savings, Yes. If you think you or the person you are shopping for MIGHT want a service and you want it at 50% off, you must purchase during the sale. After the event closes we will begin calling everyone to schedule their consultations to happen ASAP. During the consultation we will explain everything, answer all questions, and verify if you (or your gift recipient) are a good candidate for the treatment you purchased. If you or we decide you should not proceed, a full refund will be provided immediately.  Consultations for services purchased during the Black Friday Sale must occur by 1/27/2024 and associated treatments must begin by 2/10/2024.

Q: Do I really have to start treatments by February 10, 2024and continue until they are complete?
A: Yes. People who can’t start treatments by 2/10/2024  should not purchase during this sale. They should purchase when they can start treatments.

Q: How are the sale prices calculated for Laser Hair Removal?

A: When people buy packages of treatments upfront instead of buying them individually as they go, we reward them with a 20% discount. For our Black Friday sale instead of selling 5 treatments at a 20% discount, we are selling them at a 50% discount. It is a huge savings and an incredible deal since you will never buy more than 8 LHR treatments in an area because treatments are free for life after you buy and use 8 qualified treatments.

Q: Can I buy a treatment and gift it to someone else?
A: Absolutely, our services are a perfect gift. The recipient will be required to have a consultation with us by 1/27/2024. If they decide to proceed with treatments after the consultation, they must begin treatments by 2/10/2024. If they decide not to proceed or if we determine they are not a good candidate for a treatment, an immediate refund will be provided. “SOMASOU Medspa”

Q: What are some of the reasons Izalia might tell someone they are not a good candidate for treatment?
A: There are different reasons for different treatments. Some medical conditions are contraindications for all treatments such as someone being pregnant, or suffering from a medical condition which is causing the issue they are seeking treatment for, or taking certain medications. There are additional contraindications specific to the different treatments that could cause us to not recommend treatment. These will be discussed during your in-person consultation.

Q: Is there a limit to how many kinds of treatments I can buy?
A: Nope! 🙂 You can buy as much as you want.

Q: I read somewhere that your FAQ page would be funny. This all seems dry to me. Do you know what funny means?
A: Yes, we do. And we want to be hilarious on this page but we realize we failed and are boring. We sent an email to the funny people and asked them to re-write this page and send it back about a year ago. We are standing by with our fingers and toes crossed and our pajamas inside out and backwards waiting for a response so we can be funny for you, but another Snowmageddon this winter is looking more like a sure bt.

Q: What are your service hours?
A: Regular treatments occur Wednesday-Saturday. Consultations occur Monday-Saturday. Complimentary touch-up treatments occur Wednesday-Friday. We are closed Sunday.

Laser Hair Removal Appointment Guidelines

For hair removal treatments to be effective, clients play an important role by arriving to appointments in compliance with Laser Hair Removal rules. Those rules, and the reasons for them, are thoroughly explained in the initial consultation and they are summarized below for your review. Please review these rules prior to arriving for each of your treatments.  

To receive Laser Hair Removal treatments, clients agree to the following:

*Arrive with a verified “honeymoon stage” followed by recently verified “adequate new dark hair growth” stage since the last treatment. (Treatments cannot be effective if considerable, evenly distributed new dark growth hasn’t yet occurred.)

* Arrive with a thorough and complete shave of the treatment area(s). Clients are not permitted to shave at the spa.

* Arrive more than 12 hours after intense cardio or muscular exercise.

* Arrive without a tan (including spray tan) or without having any type of skin shade darker than one’s natural color.

* Arrive without sunblock or makeup on the treatment area. We kindly ask that you remove these things before arriving to the spa.

* Arrive without having engaged in other types of hair removal on the treatment area between visits, including waxing, plucking, tweezing, threading, etc.

*Arriving within compliance of all other general rules, including: abstinence from use of topical retinals or skin-damaging creams on the treatment site, no use of legally prescribed or illegal drugs without disclosing the drug info to Izalia.

Cancellation Fee Policy

As a reminder, we encourage clients to observe the treatment area 4 days prior to every scheduled appointment to verify that new hair growth has occurred since the last treatment. If evenly spaced new growth hasn’t occurred, we ask you to request an appointment change. This can occur up until 24 hours prior to your appointment time.  All appointments canceled or rescheduled less than 24 hours before the scheduled time will incur a $50 fee. Treatments will not be provided until all cancellation fees are paid. We appreciate your understanding of this policy and for all your efforts to keep your appointments at Izalia Laser Spa.

Parking Information

There is ample parking on the street in front of the spa or in the pay lots north of the building (behind Jeni’s Ice Cream) or across the street using a credit card or the ParkMobile app.

Izalia Spa shares our building with residential tenants and they ask that you do not park in the driveway during your appointment. Thank you for your consideration of this arrangement!