Last week, at the end of a yoga class, as I was sweaty with no make-up – the instructor complimented my skin! Fantastically, this is not the first time that has happened recently, however she also said I looked 25! I’m actually 33, so talk about a confidence boost!
My newfound passion for taking the time to focus on my skin and repair the damage I caused in my carefree youth has really made a difference. It is so exciting to use my experience to help others see what may be possible. Let me tell you about what has changed!
I was fortunate enough to have acne-free skin in high school (I still think it was because I swam every day and chlorine kills EVERYTHING), so when my face started breaking out in college, I was at a loss.
Over the past fifteen years, I have tried all sorts of skin care products and routines, but my skin is so sensitive that they usually just made it worse. I quickly started scarring and my skin became uneven and discolored. I began using a lot more makeup to cover it up – instead of fixing the problem. For more than ten years this meant not leaving the house without at least wearing foundation to cover my skin!
Once I started at Izalia, the team started working on helping my skin heal and get back to where it could be.
1. First I started with Laser Hair Removal on my cheeks, upper lip and chin. That dark hair needed to go, and inflamed hairs can be a cause of discoloration on the skin!
2. I also started using the amazing Nu Skin 180 system, along with the skin rejuvenation cream that cleared up my acne and kept my face moisturized. This is one of the most advanced and award winning systems in skin care and well worth every penny!
3. The next step was to tackle the significant sun damage I had caused by neglecting to sufficiently protect my skin all those summers spent in the pool and as a lifeguard in Vegas (as you can see in the second picture above).
To repair the damage I needed at least three sun spot removal treatments on my face. Happily, the process is one of the most satisfying – with a quick recovery, you see results in only 7 days!
Yes, on the day of treatment my face was red afterward – but just for a couple of hours. The next day all the areas we treated started to get darker, then those dark spots became flaky, and the dark skin fell off. On Day 4 I started to exfoliate with the boar brush, which took off the old damaged skin. Underneath was new, glowing skin! The third picture above is me seven days after my second sun spot removal treatment.
After the third sun spot treatment, my skin color was starting to look great, so we decided to also add a Sublative treatment – a radio frequency treatment that helps with fine lines, texture and color correction – on top of the sun spot treatment.
The timeline for Sublative also has only a week long recovery. As we age, the building blocks of collagen in our face start to slowly breakdown, causing fine lines and uneven skin texture. The Sublative treatment uses radio frequency to break down the collagen beneath the skin. This controlled damage forces the body to rebuild the collagen completely, basically resetting your face.
Right after treatment my face was red for a few hours, then the next day I started to see red squares appear. By Day 3 the squares started to fade, and I could cover them with makeup. Also, around Day 3 the top layer of skin started to get flaky which I started to exfoliate with a face brush, to expose the new top layer of skin. By Day 7 all of the squares were gone and I had beautiful glowing skin, as seen in the fourth picture above with no foundation and just some eyeliner and mascara!
I am scheduled for two more Sublative sessions in the next couple months, as typically you will see long-lasting results after doing at least three treatments. I have already noticed a significant reduction in the fine lines on my forehead! (That’s my bosses favorite part and she will not stop until they are all gone!)
I love my skin for the first time in years, and am loving helping others to also love their skin! When you find something that works so well, you really do want to shout it from the rooftops – but this Blog will do for now 🙂