From both sides of my family, I am the offspring of generations of self-employed, business owning, entrepreneurs. The conversations I was exposed to while growing up often tended to theme around ideas of business, opportunity, and synergy. I heard my father speak countless times about identifying economic trends and market positioning. 

About a year before deciding to get into the Laser Hair Removal business I attended a lecture presented by David Neeleman, founder of both JetBlue and Azul airways. In his remarks, Mr. Neeleman emphasized the necessity of having a passion for whatever industry you venture into. He noted that whenever he has invested in companies that don’t somehow connect to airplanes, he has wasted his time and lost money. The candor he used in admitting his failings and the success he has created in following his passion made a remarkable impression on me as I moved forward in my search for a niche where I could invest my time and pursue my living.


I knew that Laser Hair Removal would be in my future and I would someday live a life free from the inconvenience of unwanted hair. As my passion for this new procedure grew, I made the choice to become as informed as possible on the subject. The more I learned, the more excited I became. Once the rise in popularity of Laser Hair Removal caught my attention I assumed that being a business owner in the industry would be too good to be true. To my surprise, through an extensive and thorough due diligence process it became evident that this was in fact an industry that was the right fit for me. It was also an industry where I could finally take a stab at pursuing my small business ownership dreams.