When was the last time your skin was truly silky smooth? If you are like I was until recently, never. Before I began my journey with Laser Hair Removal, my legs would feel like a cactus within a few minutes of shaving and my underarms always had an embarrassing dark shadow. It was uncomfortable and itchy to always have that hair pushing through on my legs and especially uncomfortable if I wanted to wear any kind of pants or leggings. In the photo, I’m the one on the right. And on top of all the discomfort I felt with on my legs, I’m pretty sure the hair population on my underarms contributed to excess perspiration as well. It was just all a big, frustrating mess.

After my very first laser treatment I started seeing a difference. While it’s true that part of the laser process involves shaving prior to treatments, I didn’t know that following shaving with a laser treatment prevents razor rash!!! That alone has been amazing to have no more razor burn! I thought at some point I might master the art of shaving without getting razor burn, but now I can stop waiting. My favorite form of exercise has always been swimming, but the amount of prep work to get into a swimsuit would often be enough of an excuse not to go, especially in the winter. Now I am always ready to jump in, no embarrassing hair or razor rash to hold me back.


The treatments on my underarms have been amazing! It is great not to have to shave everyday which has resulted in clear softer skin, it also has the added benefit of significantly reducing how much I sweat! As someone who has worked around excessive sweating her whole life, having to learn what fabrics and colors I could wear, this is life-changing!


I will need a couple more treatments before I will experience the ‘honeymoon’ phase (no hair growth for weeks!) forever. I just can’t believe I waited this long to start! It is so much more than the time and money saved no longer shaving or waxing, it is always being ready for wherever life takes me!