We know, we know, you want soft and smooth skin but don’t want a 10 step beauty regimen for your body or to pay a fortune.

Meet the perfect skin trilogy.

Who says soft skin has to be difficult?

These three products are the best baseline for great, and Laser Hair Removal ready, skin.

Skin’s New Hope!

Exfoliating Boar Bristle Brush

Use this every day with the Anti-Bacterial wash. The Boar Brush will scrub off old skin cells. On the body this prevents ingrown hairs (!!!) on areas where we shave between laser treatments. Brushing also helps to ease out dead hairs from your skin, after laser treatments so you can get to your hair-free “honeymoon phase” faster! – $9

Directions: Get the brush very wet, squirt a small amount of Anti-Bacterial wash on the brush, lather, and use in circular motions. Rinse brush thoroughly. Hang to dry.

Note: Great on the body and face! In future posts we will recommend more specific skin care regimens for the face but go ahead and start brush exfoliating your face today! Doing so creates an inhospitable environment for acne-causing bacteria!


NuSkin Body Cleansing Gel The cleansing wash makes sure your skin is clean without leaving any soapy residue to infect your pores. The Aloe Vera naturally moisturizes and leaves your skin squeaky clean and sooo soft. Great for blemish-prone and oily faces too!

Return of the Moisture!

NuSkin Body Smoother

This amazing body moisturizer is different than anything you have ever experienced. The cutting-edge humectants inside this bottle draw natural moisture from the air around you into your skin keeping you totally soft without even a hint of feeling “sticky”. Warning: You will never be satisfied with another lotion again once you have experienced Body Smoother. Aloe Vera, algae extract and vitamins A and E add additional nourishment with no extra work on your part.

There you have it! The perfect skin trilogy!